SMG Infolist

Serving up data-heavy info in bite-sized chunks

Easy to digest

In this campaign for consumer research firm SMG, complex ideas are encapsulated in simple illustrations and pared-down text, ensuring the reader doesn’t need more than a couple minutes to learn something and complete a call-to-action for more information. The goal is to present data in a way that is friendly and accessible. More information is always available to readers via a link and contact form.


Short and sweet

The infolist, which we like to call the infographic’s mini-me, is an image-driven itemized list that is compelling and easy to digest. It is typically less data-heavy than an infographic, leaning more toward the format of a how-to list. A charming, entertaining how-to list.


Drumming up traffic

Infolists make excellent blog posts and can be shared on social media, distributed via email, and teased in web banner ads, driving prospect traffic and keeping top prospects engaged and interested.

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