Collaboration: the foundation of our creative makeup

It’s a partnership we’ve been cultivating for 10+ years. Since 1999, Académie Lafayette (AL) has educated grades K–8 with a twist: immersing children in the French language. Our founders, Ron and Angela Michka, began building a relationship with AL, the first public charter school in Missouri, when their kids started attending.

Now, we are in the midst of launching a new website with Académie Lafayette. It’s sleek, fresh, and easy to navigate. In recent weeks, we’ve visited AL to make final tweaks, including any pertinent info updates and user experience fixes.

Photos | Johnathan Michka

Acting as the creative department to Académie Lafayette, we’ve enjoyed working side by side to ensure design is top-notch and content is useful and relevant for parents, whether current or prospective, and staff. We value our face-to-face meetings for the strongest communication and most strategic results.

Check back next week for updates on our AL website launch! In the meantime, enjoy some other great work we’ve done for them, including a brochure and branding.

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