Q&A with the office pup

Mosby “Sinatra” Uber regularly graces The Creative Department with his presence. In an exclusive interview with the one-year-old Sheltie, TCD learned just how much this little guy loves his job.

Q: What are your major responsibilities in the office?
Herding the team into the conference room for meetings, licking the floor clean, motivating the team with pup talks, and encouraging them to move throughout the work day.

Q: What does a day in the life of an office pup look like?
I carpool to work with my mom. I’m always kind to greet everyone in the morning when they come in to work. I’m very familiar with the space now, but I typically investigate the office to make sure there aren’t any new smells that I don’t know about. Mom got me a dog bed, so I really fancy sleeping there during the day. (I need a lot of time to brainstorm. I’m kind of the idea machine around here.) I usually work one to two days a week, so a full workday can take a lot out of me. I will also spend hours chewing on my favorite Chewnola bones.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
When my co-workers take a break, they play with me! I have a lot of energy, so that’s a fun part of the day for me. When my mom takes a break, I get to play with my favorite toys and show off my tricks for treats. Everyone is very affirming — always telling me how adorable I am. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky!

Q: What about your job is most challenging?
I have a hard time knowing when to stop talking. I could talk and talk all day, but then my colleagues remind me “barking is disruptive.”

Q: How would you describe the office culture?
It’s very relaxing, and everyone is nice. We all work hard to produce great, personalized work for our clients. We’re open to ideas, and we encourage creativity. That makes me feel really comfortable suggesting new ideas, like “sharing your lunch with me will increase my productivity.”

Q: How do you benefit your colleagues?
My snuggles lower their blood pressure. I live a very active lifestyle, and I think I rub off on them in that way too. I really enjoy being around people, so I am a very loyal employee!

Q: What have you learned in your nine months with TCD?
I’ve learned that it’s not so smart to consume dust and plant leaves.

Q: What’s in store next for this office pup?
My owners are always teaching me new tricks. I’m very smart, though I’m kind of confused by the one where they keep spinning me on the ground and saying “roll over.” As for my career, I see myself giving the boss man a run for his money. I mean, how hard can it be to run my own business?

Visit TCD to meet Mosby and learn more about his role in our office!

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