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Customers of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) had ample warning that DPS would no longer be supported. In August 2019, Adobe DPS officially reached its end-of-life, leaving many publications, corporations, associations, (and so on) unsure of what to do. We’re curious to know how other DPS users in the same situation resolved the challenge. Are you still sharing unsupported DPS content? Did you stay with Adobe and migrate to AEM? Did you find another distribution platform? We’re interested in learning more about your decision. If you haven’t found the perfect fit, may we suggest you consider Twixl Media? Before we migrated away from Adobe DPS, we researched a number of digital content distribution options, and ultimately decided Twixl was the best option for our purposes. Take a look at our top three reasons we settled on Twixl.

3 benefits to using Twixl

1. It’s affordable. Twixl has an affordable base price point with a variety of integrations, giving you the ability to only pay for the specific features you choose to utilize. We found it to be more cost-effective than Adobe DPS, and clearly less than AEM’s enterprise price tag. 

2. It’s efficient. It’s not a replica of Adobe DPS, but many users have found Twixl to be much more efficient. As DPS users, we had to create multiple layouts for multiple devices, but with Twixl, we can build once and publish a responsive layout to a variety of devices. 

3. It’s flexible. Publish a variety of content, from InDesign, HTML, and PDFs, to rich media like slideshows, videos, and RSS feeds. All in one app.

We made the switch from DPS to Twixl. If you’re interested in hearing about our experiences, we’d be happy to share our thoughts. Use the form below to request a free 30-minute consult. What’s more, we’re Twixl Creative Partners and Twixl Certified Trainers. We’ve worked with DPS, migrated from DPS to Twixl, and helped others do the same. And since we first started using Twixl in 2017, we’ve remained confident in it as a solution provider.

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