’Tis the season to consider unique printed greetings

Holiday card designs by The Creative Department

As things start feeling more normal in the corporate world, communications with clients and prospects are under the microscope. Can we meet with them in person? Are virtual meetings going to fade away slowly? Will conferences and trade shows ever return to their pre-pandemic glory? What are the new best practices for staying in communication with the human lifeline that drives business?

In a surprising plot twist, I submit to you that in our low-touch, digital-dominant, fast-and-furious, cynical world, a simple paper card might just be the thing that breaks through. That’s right, a personal greeting that travels, snail-like, through the machinations of the good old USPS.

Here at TCD, a typical day is full of designing and developing emails, enewsletters, ebooks, websites, display ads, and landing pages. But creating a unique branded message with a card or gift adds a dimension to corporate communications that we really enjoy. Clever valentine greetings accompanied by locally-sourced treats. Messages of gratitude during the leadup to Thanksgiving. Cheerful holiday tidings at the end of a roller coaster of a year. New Year’s wishes for prosperity and success. All delivered with sincere warmth, a subtle brand message, and a decidedly personal touch.

Thoughts on paper

If print greetings interest you, keep in mind that the paper supply chain is experiencing severe disruptions. Our favorite paper rep, Marie Langdon at Midland, keeps us apprised on what’s available and makes sure our paper cabinet is well-stocked, so our designers can find something unique and beautiful for every type of message.

Don’t delay! If printed holiday cards are on your wish list this year, get started as soon as possible. Our team will be happy to help you hone your messaging before designing and refining a concept that is singularly you, and producing a card that will break through more than the mailbox. ‘Tis the season to show you care.

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