Strategic. Creative. Solutions.
Strategic solutions aren’t notable if they lack creativity. Creative solutions aren’t useful if they’re not strategic. Where we work, strategy and creativity are inseparable.

How we work

The discovery process helps us make the connection between a client’s business challenges and goals, and the communication we produce. We study audience, economic climate, competitive factors and industry trends. We set a strategy against which creative output will be evaluated.

We formalize project objectives and work together to visualize the criteria of good solutions. We get buy in. We push forward.

Some designers start here, but not us. Now that we know what we’re trying to solve, creative juices flow. Collaboration happens. Ideas are enhanced. Solutions emerge.

Once a winning solution surfaces, the unsung heroes of creativity take over: edits, approvals, quality control, coding and final art. We refer back to the strategy developed in the Discovery mode to ensure we are on track.

This might be everyone’s favorite part. We print, post, launch, broadcast, present or otherwise distribute the finished product. We watch, we test, we measure. We celebrate. And we get ready to start discovering all over again.

When our clients succeed, we succeed. Here’s what our clients and partners want to share.


The Creative Department is a proud sustaining member of AIGA.
We follow AIGA’s Standards of Professional Practice and adhere to its principles of integrity that demonstrate respect for the profession, for colleagues, clients, audiences or consumers, and society as a whole. We utilize AIGA’s Basic Terms & Conditions and Intellectual Property Provisions to maintain the professional practices of the design industry.

Download a pdf of TCD’s Basic Terms & Conditions here.