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In a big ad firm, you imagine the creative department as the wing of the agency where the excitement happens. The beer flows freely, the table tennis never ends, and the music is always at a 10. Whenever the rest of us need something special — a big idea, the perfect word, or just a beer — we make our way to the other side of the building and sneak into that space of massive fun called the creative department.

Since we left the big agency world and went out on our own, we've found that many B2B businesses don't need the staff or the overhead (or the table tennis, or the beer) that you get when you hire a big firm. Rather, they want a marketing partner that feels like they share the same space. That knows their brand and their business from the inside out. That is responsive and flexible and committed. It turns out, what clients really want is a team of dedicated creatives to call their own.

Enter ... The Creative Department, Inc. We serve as the creative arm of our clients: So closely connected you'd swear we are right across the building; so immersed in your business you'd think it was our business, too. And so linked up with you and your brand that collaboration and great work are natural and expected byproducts of our partnership. Whatever you need, whenever you need it — all you have to do is call us: your Creative Department.


Get Acquainted

We’d like to get to know you better. Stop by and say hello. Stay for a cup of coffee.

The Creative Department is a proud sustaining member of AIGA.

We follow AIGA's Standards of Professional Practice and adhere to its principles of integrity that demonstrate respect for the profession, for colleagues, clients, audiences or consumers, and society as a whole. We utilize AIGA's Basic Terms & Conditions and Intellectual Property Provisions to maintain the professional practices of the design industry.