“Thank you, fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I am bad at sports.”
— Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show

We thought we’d take a tip from Jimmy Fallon and share some of our thank-yous.

Thank you 10 times over

  • Thank you, Rico’s Tacos Lupe, for satisfying our taco and burrito cravings every week. For very few pesos.
  • Thank you, Thanksgiving dinners, for voiding our already-fragile winter diets.
  • Thank you, elastic waistbands, for giving us a reason to say, “Well, I guess another bite won’t hurt.”
  • Thank you, fall, for coloring our trees and giving us cause to pull out our flannels.
  • Thank you, coffee, for your life-giving powers.
  • Thank you, Sunday/Monday night football, for a chance to cheer on our Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Thank you, Stockyards Brewery, for always providing a good beer and allowing us to say, “Yeah, we work in a brewery.”
  • Thank you, Livestock Exchange security crew, for taking care of us and our building.
  • Thank you, first responders, for answering the calls for our community, and a special shout out to Chase Uber, Laura’s firefighter/paramedic husband.
  • Thank you, The Creative Department, for being an upstanding place to work with an enthusiastic, innovative team.

And one last thanks

Thank you, to our loyal clients, for your business over the years. And thank you, to our new clients, for trusting us to learn and boost your business communications.

Sincerely, The Creative Department

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Posted on: November 20th, 2018 by Laura Uber


‘Tis the season for chilly weather and something hot in your hands. Kansas City does not leave you hanging when you’re on the hunt for a pick-me-up. The TCD team got together and compiled a list of our top 5 coffee shops:

1. The Filling Station

With three uniquely designed locations, Kansas Citians love to “fill up” at The Filling Station, and so do we. This converted auto garage is often described as “bright” for its open lighting and rise-and-shine drinks. It’s efficient for those in need of a quick refuel, and welcoming for those running on empty.

The Westport location, with a drive thru, scores top points for convenience, and the Midtown stop, The Filling Station’s main location, offers a nice space to meet up with friends. Grab a coffee, or indulge in the delicious burritos, which are served all day. Whatever your mood, The Filling Station is guaranteed to satisfy your routine maintenance.

2. The Roasterie

Known for its air-roasted coffee, The Roasterie delivers a consistent coffee experience in each of its Kansas City locations. Its friendly baristas understand the art and flavor of coffee, crafting a well-blended cup time and time again. Pair it with a slice of coffeecake or Christopher Elbow Chocolates (a delicacy the Brookside and Leawood locations flaunt over their sibling stores) to jumpstart your morning or treat yourself after a day at the office.

Inside the shop with the iconic airplane as its steeple, coffee aficionados can visit The Roasterie factory every day of the week. Touring the Kansas City, Missouri, coffeehouse has become a local bucket list essential. After an educational lesson on the roasting process and the almost 40-year history of founder Danny O’Neill’s brainchild, guests enjoy free pour-over samples. Score.

3. Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

Decked with wood and metal everything, this hip café and bar invites you into a relaxing, creative space. The coffee is smooth, and each sip is perfectly balanced. Thou Mayest promotes its adventurous spirit with coffee blends that speak to each kind of voyager, such as Smooth Operator and Wild Child.

Get in quick, because the place fills up fast. Sit on the main level, explore the upstairs lounge, or grab a seat on the patio. No matter the spot, Thou Mayest is a cozy gathering for friends or a serene scene for solitude.

4. Monarch Coffee

Midtown’s newest coffee shop is the talk of the town. Since opening its doors in May 2017, Monarch has been bustling with traffic. Housed in The Ambassador, at Broadway and Knickerbocker Streets, Monarch showcases a brilliantly white interior, further enhanced by incoming light from its floor-to-ceiling windows. Accents of black, gold, and mint add retro hints to a modern, clean, classic space. Cool, calm, and collected, Monarch baristas are ready to serve, carefully preparing excellent coffee while you settle into your place. Order a homemade donut for an even sweeter combination.

A distinct draw, Monarch offers a small event space in its lower level, The Drawing Room. Rent the room for art workshops, classes, and small parties.

5. The Michka Compound

You are likely unfamiliar with this family-friendly joint, as it is the home of your favorite TCD duo, Ron and Angela Michka. Since investing in a home espresso machine (the Breville BES870XL Barista Express, to be exact), Ron began his barista training, concocting super espressos, mochas, and the like. His kids especially reap the benefits of morning mochas prepared by dad, and his neighbors love to sneak over for an espresso nightcap.

While these 5 hit the top of our list, we also know you can’t go wrong with Parisi Artisan Coffee, Quay Coffee, and Oddly Correct (to name a few more). Wherever you choose, be sure to invite us, because we always love an excuse to drink more coffee.

Posted on: November 8th, 2017 by Laura Uber


Kansas City is spoiled with America’s best barbeque. There’s no other place in the world where meat aficionados can choose from more than 100 closely located barbeque joints in the same area. And there’s no other place that faithfully hosts the best annual barbeque competitions and festivals, like the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle, which took place just last weekend, and the American Royal World Series of Barbecue, Labor Day weekend.

In preparation for Independence Day, a celebration often enhanced by barbeque, TCD team members voted on their favorite pit stops. Check out our top 5:

1. Q39

Since opening in April 2014, Q39 has rapidly become a new favorite for Kansas City natives. Smoked or grilled, your meal at Q39 will not disappoint, especially when embellished with their homemade sauces. The interior ensemble is complete with wood furnishings, industrial ceilings, warm lighting, and an open kitchen and full-service bar. Great food, great atmosphere. It’s undoubtedly our #1 pick.

2. Jack Stack

With five locations in the Kansas City area, Fiorella’s Jack Stack is a barbeque phenomenon. They’ve mastered their craft and maintained a loyal following in Kansas City. Their hickory-smoked meat is a local tradition and treasure. Jack Stack’s great service and ambience creates the prime place for a dinner date, a GNO or a celebration.

3. Joe’s Kansas City

Famously known for its Z-Man sandwich, Joe’s serves up stellar smokes every time. This quick-service stop offers satisfying portions at a reasonable price. As if Joe’s couldn’t be any dreamier, they will even ship their barbeque anywhere in the U.S. That’s good info to keep in mind as most restaurants, like Joe’s, close over the Fourth.

4. Woodyard

Woodyard Bar-B-Que is a quaint old place in an unexpected corner of the city (on Merriam Lane in Kansas City, Kansas). The family-owned business has been around more than 60 years and has been featured on programs by Guy Fieri and Anthony Bourdain. The restaurant is small and rustic, but outdoor seating is a must, so you can watch one of the chefs stack the slabs in the smoker or, at the very least, bask in the smoke-scented goodness.

5. BB’s

Another off-the-beaten-track favorite is BB’s Lawnside BBQ. This cozy venue might be known more for its live blues bands than its barbeque, but they’ve perfected both. Try their burnt ends and their giant battered home fries. BB’s menu also features Louisiana favorites such as gumbo and jambalaya, in keeping with its bluesy theme. Stop in on a Saturday afternoon for a jam session or any evening during the week to catch live music.

And since most of us will enjoy home-cooked barbeque on July 4, we also voted on our go-to barbeque meat choices, with pulled pork taking first place in our hearts…and our bellies.

TCD’s Favorite BBQ Meat

Have a wonderful July 4 celebration!

Posted on: June 29th, 2017 by Laura Uber


Mosby “Sinatra” Uber regularly graces The Creative Department with his presence. In an exclusive interview with the one-year-old Sheltie, TCD learned just how much this little guy loves his job.

Q: What are your major responsibilities in the office?
Herding the team into the conference room for meetings, licking the floor clean, motivating the team with pup talks, and encouraging them to move throughout the work day.

Q: What does a day in the life of an office pup look like?
I carpool to work with my mom. I’m always kind to greet everyone in the morning when they come in to work. I’m very familiar with the space now, but I typically investigate the office to make sure there aren’t any new smells that I don’t know about. Mom got me a dog bed, so I really fancy sleeping there during the day. (I need a lot of time to brainstorm. I’m kind of the idea machine around here.) I usually work one to two days a week, so a full workday can take a lot out of me. I will also spend hours chewing on my favorite Chewnola bones.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
When my co-workers take a break, they play with me! I have a lot of energy, so that’s a fun part of the day for me. When my mom takes a break, I get to play with my favorite toys and show off my tricks for treats. Everyone is very affirming — always telling me how adorable I am. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky!

Q: What about your job is most challenging?
I have a hard time knowing when to stop talking. I could talk and talk all day, but then my colleagues remind me “barking is disruptive.”

Q: How would you describe the office culture?
It’s very relaxing, and everyone is nice. We all work hard to produce great, personalized work for our clients. We’re open to ideas, and we encourage creativity. That makes me feel really comfortable suggesting new ideas, like “sharing your lunch with me will increase my productivity.”

Q: How do you benefit your colleagues?
My snuggles lower their blood pressure. I live a very active lifestyle, and I think I rub off on them in that way too. I really enjoy being around people, so I am a very loyal employee!

Q: What have you learned in your nine months with TCD?
I’ve learned that it’s not so smart to consume dust and plant leaves.

Q: What’s in store next for this office pup?
My owners are always teaching me new tricks. I’m very smart, though I’m kind of confused by the one where they keep spinning me on the ground and saying “roll over.” As for my career, I see myself giving the boss man a run for his money. I mean, how hard can it be to run my own business?

Visit TCD to meet Mosby and learn more about his role in our office!

Posted on: May 12th, 2017 by Laura Uber

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