Marketing support for
small business in times of need

Providing guidance and direction in turbulent times

These challenging times affect every business differently, but there’s no denying they impact us all. We’re using this time of turbulence to help our fellow small business owners with marketing problems. For a limited time, we’re offering a collection of free or deeply discounted services that can help businesses weather the storm. We’re a small business, and certainly don’t have all the answers, but if we can share anything from our years of experience, we would love to help.

A portion of the proceeds from these packages will go to two critical non-profit groups in Kansas City. Learn more about our Here for Good effort and these indispensable organizations here.

Free Consulting Session

We are setting time aside each week to provide 20-minute consulting sessions to help small businesses navigate their marketing, communication, and design challenges. We’ll listen, ask questions, brainstorm, and share advice.

Some of the top marketing/communications questions small businesses have right now:

  • What should I be telling my customers?
  • What content type should I be creating?
  • How can I best plan for marketing “after-COVID?”
  • How can I re-package my services to better serve my clients and reach new clients?
  • What resources are available for printing, branding, legal services?

What is your biggest question right now? Set up a call and let’s discuss.

Schedule a 20-minute Google Hangout video conference or phone call here (via Calendarly). May 1 – August 31

Free Website Audit

Provide your URL, and we’ll respond with a list of five actionable items you can do now to improve your website.

Suggestions typically cover:

  • Functionality
  • Security
  • User experience
  • Content
  • Design

Special Small Project Pricing

To address specific challenges facing small businesses, we’re providing discounted pricing for some basic projects. Current offerings include:

Website cleanup (est. $400)
We’ve assembled a short list of items you should be doing right now to increase security and clarify customer expectations.

Email blast (est. $500)
New to email marketing? We can help with your messaging, list, and distribution.

Brochure special (est. $500–1000)
Do you need to promote a specific offering right now? Let us help concept, design, and produce a brochure for your business. (select: print/pdf/social/web delivery)

Schedule a 20-minute introductory call or email Ron to learn more.

Need more support? Learn more about our discounted collections here (offered for a limited time).