The Annunciation Window (1930)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: John Darwin Shepard Cook (1834–1909)

GIVEN BY: Three of his children, Harriett (1869–1933), George (1871–1945), and Philip (1875–1938)

DESIGNED BY: James Humphries Hogan, R.D.I. (1883–1948)

FABRICATED BY: James Powell & Sons (Whitefriars), Ltd, London, England

INSTALLED: July 1930

DEDICATED: October 26, 1930


  • Virgin Mary’s blue robe symbolizes heavenly contemplation, and her crossed hands symbolize submission.
  • The angel Gabriel is clothed in red for divine love. He holds a large stem of lilies, the flower of both Christ and Mary.
  • Gabriel’s right hand is raised in benediction. He is barefoot, showing he is of the Heavenly Choir and is not an angel who ministers to humanity.
  • The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

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