The Baptism Window (1930)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: MEMORIAL TO: Alice Mary Pratt Berdell (1858–1887)

GIVEN BY: Her father, William Wallace Pratt, Sr. (1831–1907)

DESIGNED BY: James Humphries Hogan, R.D.I. (1883–1948)

FABRICATED BY: James Powell & Sons (Whitefriars), Ltd, London, England

INSTALLED: July 1930

DEDICATED: October 26, 1930


  • Christ’s hands extend downward in an attitude of acceptance.
  • He wears garments of gold, signifying heavenly treasure, and His tri-radiant halo denotes Him as a member of the Trinity.
  • At Christ’s right, John the Baptist holds a scallop shell, with which he baptizes Christ, and a cruciform staff that reads “Behold the Lamb of God” in Latin.
  • Like Mary in the Annunciation and Nativity windows, John the Baptist wears a cloak of blue, representing heavenly contemplation.
  • The figure at Christ’s right is believed to be Saint John the Beloved. He wears a red garment signifying divine love. He holds Christ’s cloak during the baptism.

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