The Garden Door Lunette Window (1943)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: Catherine Miller Repp (1867–1941), William A. Repp (1856–1942)

GIVEN BY: Their daughter, Winifrede Repp Railey (1890–1972)

DESIGNED BY: Charles J. Connick (1875–1945)

FABRICATED BY: Charles J. Connick Studios, Boston Massachusetts

INSTALLED: September 1943

DEDICATED: September 19, 1943


  • This window presents Christ symbolized by a lamb, whose sacrificial death represents victory.
  • The white lamb symbolizes purity, and the ruby field is the color of divine love. The surrounding blues represent heavenly contemplation.
  • The surrounding medallions represent the nine fruits of the spirit (Galatians 6:22–23).
  • This window was designed to symbolize God’s love and goodness, present in a troubled world.

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