The Madonna Window (1926)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: Sara “Sallie Belle” Miskelly Pugsley (1855–1925)

GIVEN BY: Her family, The Women’s Guild, and many other friends

DESIGNED BY: Lee Albert Cook (1888–1981)

FABRICATED BY: Jacoby Art Glass Company, St. Louis, Missouri

INSTALLED: October 1926

DEDICATED: October 31, 1926


  • Mary is wrapped in a cloak of blue, representing heavenly contemplation, with edges in gold, symbolic of heavenly treasure. Glimpses of robe under her cloak reveal ruby red, the color of pain but also of divine love.
  • The Christ Child’s halo is tri-radiant, reserved for members of the Trinity.
  • Lilies of the Virgin Mary are seen through the doorway in the garden, and these symbolize the Trinity.
  • In the double border, four-petal flowers represent the four gospels that will spread the Good News of Jesus, and the squares that enclose them symbolize the four corners of the earth, where the Good News will be shared.
  • In the middle border, eight petals of the lavender flower signify the seven days of creation and the time in the Garden of Eden before the Fall.

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