The “Munich” Window (1913)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: Louise Henrietta Walbridge Musson (1839–1910), Henry Woodley Musson (1827–1908)

GIVEN BY: Bequest of Mrs. Musson’s estate, January 1, 1911

DESIGNED BY: Mary Fraser Wesselhoeft (1873–1971)

FABRICATED BY: Gottfried Heinersdorff (1883–1941), Berlin, Germany

INSTALLED: October 1913

DEDICATED: October 19, 1913


  • Stylistically, this window displays elements of the Munich School and thus acquired its misleading name in this parish.
  • The window is installed next to the Baptismal Font, which may have been suggested by Reverend Augustus Schaad because of Louise Musson’s work with children in and outside of the church.
  • Christ is framed in a vesica piscis, the shape of a fish. His elaborate robe and other garments depict Him as the High Priest, and the deep blue color symbolizes eternity, divine wisdom, and heavenly peace.
  • The mothers who flank Christ wear green robes that represent youth and happiness.

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