The Christ Preaching Window (1903)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: Caroline Felthousen Dudley Pratt (1835–1902)

GIVEN BY: Her husband, William Wallace Pratt, Sr. (1831–1907), and daughter, Jennie Turner Dudley Eidlitz (1854–1935)

DESIGNED BY: Frederick Stymetz Lamb (1862–1928)

FABRICATED BY: J. & R. Lamb Studios, Midland Park, New Jersey

INSTALLED: April 7, 1903

DEDICATED: April 8, 1903


  • Christ stands barefoot on Solomon’s portico at the temple in Jerusalem, and He wears a white robe, symbolic of purity, and a red cloak, symbolic of divine love.
  • His halo is of double thickness.
  • A serene Jerusalem landscape appears in the upper left edge of the window. In this moment, Christ is free from the shadow of the cross.

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