The Presentation of Christ or The Nunc Dimittis Window (1930)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: John Hiram Lathrop (1799–1866), Frances Eliza Lothrop [sic] (1809–1893)

GIVEN BY: Their son, Gardiner Lathrop (1850–1938)

DESIGNED BY: James Humphries Hogan, R.D.I. (1883–1948)

FABRICATED BY: James Powell & Sons (Whitefriars), Ltd, London, England

INSTALLED: July 1930

DEDICATED: October 26, 1930


  • The Latin phrase nunc dimittis means, “now you dismiss your servant,” or “now let your servant go.” This window is the largest of the seven Powell & Sons windows.
  • Simeon The Righteous holds the Christ Child. Simeon was at least 100 years old when the event depicted occurred.
  • Simeon raises his right hand in benediction over Mary. It is intended to portray Simeon delivering his prophetic vision of Christ’s crucifixion to Mary.
  • Joseph, next to Mary, holds a cage with two turtle doves, which they brought for ritual purification of Mary. (This rite was administered to any Hebrew woman who had given birth.)
  • To Simeon’s right, the widow-prophetess Anna prays. Her prophecy reveals Jesus as the Redeemer of Jerusalem.
  • Symbols of the four evangelists appear in the four corners of the border of the window. Each is shown with a book, alluding to the surety of the Gospel they teach.

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