Académie Lafayette Brochure

Informational booklet brings understanding of school structure

Clarifying confusion

This public charter school had a perception problem: people did not understand the charter school concept or the school’s need for funding. While explaining the inherent financial challenges of the school and the concept of language immersion, we also needed to communicate test scores, dollar figures, and historical statistics.

Academie Lafayette Brochure 01
Academie Lafayette Brochure 02

Showcasing energy and passion

In a visually engaging booklet, Académie Lafayette’s personality is represented through large, beautiful photography (Jeremy Parsons) of children and teachers. Copy is short, direct, and informative.

Academie Lafayette Brochure 03

A grid design keeps students and staff front and center while presenting key numbers to readers. These facts and figures provide insight on AL and the history of charter schools in general.

Academie Lafayette Brochure 04
Academie Lafayette Brochure 05
Academie Lafayette Brochure 06

Academie Lafayette Brochure 07

Big wins

At the 2012 Nonprofit Connect Philly Awards, the Académie Lafayette brochure won first prize in the Informational Brochure category, as well as Best in Show in campaign with Académie Lafayette’s video, produced by Mile Deep Films.

Academie Lafayette Brochure 08
Academie Lafayette Brochure 09

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