Académie Lafayette Website

Graduating to a professional and polished digital presence

Breaking the mold

Académie Lafayette isn’t your typical public charter school. AL students are exposed to a world-class education, a dedicated teaching staff, cultures from around the world, and a beautiful mix of diverse peers, intensified by the challenge of learning all subject matter in French. The school’s previous website boasted a classic 1990s-style template that didn’t work well with today’s mobile devices. Following a brand relaunch in 2012, Académie Lafayette was overdue for an evaluation of its website user experience, organizational structure, messaging strategy, and visual branding.

Bold introductions

Full-width sliders on the home page showcase the AL community and suggest links to learn more.

Behind the scenes

Our work process for AL’s website involved considering primary target audiences, evaluating each user experience, organizing sitemaps, laying out wireframes, writing and editing content, training the school’s webmaster, and more.

Wireframes allowed us to plan site navigation and organize content.

These screenshots show how design progressed from wireframes to pages populated with actual content.

The site’s updated navigation has established a new system of hierarchy. Pages offering time-sensitive content and contact information are just one click away in the top navigation bar, and higher-level parent pages fall in the main navigation bar (to the right of the school logo).

Streamlining time-sensitive communications

Before, AL posted all announcements to the home page. It became an assortment of announcements, alerts, and upcoming events. We evaluated the announcements process and created a more useful stream of communication. Using a blog format, we brought all AL news to one place, with categories and tags supporting the search to relevant posts.

Making payments a one-stop shop

Gone are the days when parents had to filter through dozens of tabs to find the correct form for a payment. We compiled all options into one, easy-to-find payment interface.

Clean and comprehensive

The site is robust, and we couldn’t possibly show all of it here. View other site pages below, or see it all at

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