The Glorious Masterworks of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral

Bringing an untold history to life

Labor of love

The Glorious Masterworks of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral features the stained glass windows and other religious artwork in Kansas City’s Episcopal Cathedral. The project grew, over many months of planning and design, into a pair of beautiful volumes which have received many rave reviews in religion and art history communities around the world.

Putting the pieces together

The greatest design challenge was finessing a layout that could effectively house 560 pages of fascinating history and 895 photographs in various stages of quality and resolution. In addition to design, TCD handled all aspects of production, printing, publishing, and promotion.

The cover image of the Cathedral interior shows an overview of some of the astounding stained glass windows and other artistic gifts.

Bringing history into focus

Creative Director Ron Michka shot the cover photo and the full-page stained glass window photos featured in the books. TCD staff assisted with photography, retouching, cropping, color correction, and positioning of the hundreds of historic photos throughout both volumes.

A “quick facts” header in the abridged edition highlights pertinent information about each window.

Capturing a complete view

High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging was used to represent the magnificent colors in the windows more fully and
more beautifully than a standard photograph.

Exposures were layered to create the final image (below)

Tailoring the text

Typography was a crucial element which needed to be versatile, yet traditional, to reflect the book’s historical character.

Sizing of photo captions, credits, and footnotes were carefully crafted to ensure print readability.

Intentional use of OpenType features added a refined, customized detail to the book.

Differentiating editions

TCD designed unabridged and abridged editions of this book, both offered in a softcover format, and one unabridged in hardcover.

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