HNTB Corporate App

Smartphone and tablet app provides easy access to projects and expertise

Insights at your fingertips

Launched in early 2017, our second iteration of the HNTB App delivers easy-to-access, article-based content to smartphones and tablets, allowing simple email and social sharing of articles. Employees, clients, prospects, and strategic partners access the app for free. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

HNTB is an infrastructure solutions firm with over 3,000 employees in 60 offices across the U.S. The Creative Department has designed six different print publications showcasing HNTB’s projects and expertise. In 2013, we designed, developed, and launched the first iteration of the HNTB Publications App, in order to distribute a digital edition of these six publications.

Award of Excellence
The HNTB App was nationally recognized by the Society for Marketing Professional Services at its 2017 Marketing Communications Awards.

Accessing the HNTB App and content

The HNTB App was re-engineered from the ground up to help users navigate articles and access thought leadership about HNTB, our projects, and our industry. It’s bigger, smarter, and easier to use.

  • Easy access to article-based content
  • New thought leadership topics
  • Content categorized by market
  • Links to additional HNTB content and resources
  • Enhanced social sharing capabilities

The HNTB App is available for smartphone and tablet through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Cross-platform publishing

See the transition of the 24-page print edition of Designer magazine to an interactive digital version.

Print edition of Designer magazine, Issue 107

Digital version of Designer magazine, Issue 107

Sorting made simple

Quickly access relevant articles, organized by publication and by topic.

More features

The digital version offers rich-media content, like slideshows, videos, animation, audio clips, and links to

Slideshows display additional content not found in the print edition

The HNTB App also links seamlessly to content found on, including HNTB careers and locations.

Spread the word

Share articles conveniently via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. With one click, the app populates a social post or email subject and message.

1. Readers can share individual articles by clicking the social sharing icons.

2. Pre-populated messaging is built into each article to simplify the sharing process.

3. Recipients access article content through a desktop viewer.

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