HNTB Cross Platform Publishing

Adding digital publishing to established lineup of print publications

Editorial expansion

Before we became app developers, we were enlisted to research, evaluate, and present options for electronic distribution of HNTB’s Designer magazine, an award-winning print publication we’ve designed and produced for years.

HNTB Designer 98 Magazine Design for iPad and iPhone

Entering the digital realm

After exploring a variety of digital, PDF, and “flip book” options, TCD turned to an interactive solution that allowed rich media content, including slideshows, videos, and audio clips.

HNTB Designer 98 Magazine Design for iPad and iPhone

Phase I of the HNTB App

With Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), we designed optimized versions of Designer magazine for iPad and iPhone. With the addition of rich media and interactivity, the user experience was vastly enhanced, not to mention the improvement in mobility for the reader.

HNTB Designer 98 - A Better Way - Print LayoutHNTB Designer 98 - A Better Way - Print Layout

Take a look below at how the spreads above were redesigned for the iPad version.

HNTB Designer 98 iPad slideshow
HNTB Designer 98 - iPad interactive detail

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