Pink Fountains Event Coordination and Branding

Kansas City community cares for breast cancer patients, survivors

A splash of color

Kansas City Cancer Center (KCCC) wanted to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month while enhancing its image as a community cancer partner. Pink Fountains was born, here in the "City of Fountains," as a way to bring attention to cancer, generate action from the public, support KCCC’s position as a local provider of world-class cancer care, and champion the hard-fought battles of cancer patients and survivors.

Painting the city pink

A kick-off event was scheduled for the city's main public fountain on the Country Club Plaza. At the event, several VIP guests and cancer survivors poured bottles of pink dye into the fountain, thereby turning the water pink. The same “dying of the fountains” occurred at different sites throughout the metro and surrounding communities on the same day. They were "re-dyed" regularly so they stayed pink for ten days.

Pink Fountains Post Card

Creating a ripple

Our event planning included coordinating the participation of the different communities and fountain sites, creating a footprint of the outdoor event space, producing a televised presentation complete with stage and sound, handling details like refreshments, giveaways, a radio remote, and pink fire trucks.

Pink Fountains Water Bottle Packaging Design
Pink Fountains Thank You Pad and Button Design

To honor and remember

We produced event signage, staff and volunteer buttons, banners, advertising, water bottle labels, posters, flyers, and premium items for giveaway. Our photographers documented the event and we followed up with pink ribbon thank-you notes to participants.

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