SMG Forum 2017

Top-to-bottom event branding

Unleashing creativity

Consumer research firm SMG holds its annual FORUM conference to gather clients in a non-competitive environment where they can learn from industry experts, renowned speakers, and each other. The 2017 theme, UNLEASH DISRUPTION, communicated the dramatic mind shift suggested by the conference’s keynote speaker. TCD created a look and feel for the event and executed it across a variety of platforms.

Good branding amplifies a theme

Effective event branding doesn’t stop with a clever concept and registration page. This SMG conference was brought to life with special staging, signage, direct mail, emails, an event website, branded premium items, presentation slides, videos, and more.


An event-dedicated site included speakers, workshops, accommodations, agenda, and FAQ.

Digital communications

A series of targeted emails to clients focused on speakers and roundtable session content.

Direct mail

Early registration was encouraged with this “saving your seat” 3D mailer.


A high-energy video was produced to get attendees pumped up for the opening session.


Speakers were staged in front of a backlit logo display, bringing the branded concept full circle.

Check out how we branded this event the following year, at Forum 2018.

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