SMG Forum 2018

High-impact events call for high-impact branding

Event branding strategy reveals brand value

From the initial invite to the attendee experience, your event is a key communicator of your brand.

For SMG, the techmanity theme resulted from a need to cultivate big energy through environmental experience and visual communications leading up to the event.

The theme evolved around these foundational conference features:

  • an intangible idea (deciphering data to find human truths)
  • the Las Vegas location
  • top-class speakers, like Chip Conley of Airbnb and Frances Frei of Uber
event branding stage design

TCD developed the event branding, creating an electric feel through contrasting colors, data patterns, and a geometric font.

Event deliverables included:

  • custom stage panels
  • personalized name badges
  • website
  • email marketing
  • direct mail
  • attendee giveaway
event branding stage design
smg forum 2018 denny post

Setting the stage, in spades

TCD partnered with a staging company to assist in developing custom panels.

event branding name tag badge

Name badges

Three types of badges quickly distinguished attendees, VIP members, and staff. Each was customized, by name, job title, and company.


Whether it’s a single landing page or a full-blown website, TCD can execute it. The techmanity website was amped up with “moving” data and rollover effects.

smg forum event website
smg forum event website
smg forum event website speakers

Email marketing

Concise messaging highlights exclusive event details, and engaging visuals motivate buy-in to the event experience.

smg forum event email
smg forum event email

Direct mail

Don’t disregard the value of print. Direct mail is an effective way to tangibly stay in front of your audience.

event branding direct mail


Playing the cards right

Consider a giveaway for attendees to remember the event, and more importantly, your brand. At SMG’s Forum 2018, they received a techmanity-themed deck of cards to take home.

forum event branding deck cards

If you’re seeking strategies for engaging audiences in events, we can help. Simply shoot us an email or call us today.

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