App Solutions
Our mobile app solutions are everywhere you want to be, providing your target audience the information they need, when and where they need it.

More than ever, people are on the move. They’re using their mobile devices in airports and on trains, in waiting rooms and conference rooms, at home and on the road. And when people move, your content can move with them. Whether they’re online or off, reach your audience by delivering content that’s designed specifically for their mobile devices. Imagine relevant, curated content for employees, customers, prospects, partners, sales force, members, or readers. And then imagine it reaching them wherever they are. That’s the beauty of a mobile app.

Benefits of our app solutions

Make content available online or offline, on phones or tablets through the App Store or Google Play.

Customize the look and feel of your app. Personalize the user interface and experience.

Segment content and provide exclusive access to individual users or groups. Protect sections of your app with passwords or key codes.

Invest in an affordable solution and streamlined workflow to build your app quickly and efficiently.

Direct users to an all-in-one hub for various types of content and rich media.

Preview, revise, and publish content instantly — and as frequently as needed.

Drive engagement. Send push notifications. Share content via social media and email.

Offer subscriptions, promo codes, or individual purchases via Apple or Android stores.

Collect analytics on daily app and content downloads, app sessions, and more.

Sample use cases

Marketing. Sales. HR. Training. Develop a library of your print content. Educate and engage employees. Share sales materials in a single, accessible place. Organize content and specify user groups to deliver that content efficiently. Update quickly and seamlessly. Sleep better at night.

Provide members with one go-to, timely source of information. Push content to user groups. Categorize so it’s easy to find and access materials. Link to external resources. Increase member engagement with one hub that members and users visit for all the info they need. Grow.

Take content to the next level. Be accessible, no matter where your audience goes. Make it searchable and interactive. Elevate your brand/book/presence/user experience with a custom app. Tie it all together within a pretty, well-designed package. Measure user engagement. Improve.

The Creative Department’s App Development Process

You have the content. We have the means to get your content where it needs to go. We have a talented team of strategic project managers to help get you started and our designers and developers will bring it to life. Our process:

We can analyze your current content and context to recommend strategies and solutions to get you where you need to go.

You manage content, then send it our way. We’re pros at getting to know your brand and audience, then designing the user experience — using responsive HTML or pixel-perfect InDesign layouts.

Working with the approved design solution and final content, our development team brings your app to life. We build, test and share for approval.

We set up accounts and deliver content to the App Store and/or Google Play. We know how to navigate the process to efficiently get your app submitted and approved.

Add new content, preview, and publish through the online platform instantly. We can train and guide users through the platform, or handle the managing and publishing process for you.

We monitor analytics, perform updates, analyze usage, and adjust digital strategy — working to optimize your app and achieve your goals.

If you want the flexibility of publishing your own content, we can train your team on the process. We offer packages to accommodate your specific needs.

The Creative Department is an authorized Twixl Creative Partner and Twixl Certified Trainer.