Proven process. Custom strategic solutions.
Every solution is unique to the client, industry, competitive situation, and market forces. Below are a few business challenges our clients have experienced and sought out our help to overcome.

Look first to your brand. Are you the leading brand? In the top three? Or a challenger brand? To increase market share, you’ll have to steal share from the competition. One strategy is to reinvigorate your brand through research, benefit testing, positioning, and design; and then relaunch your brand in a way that speaks with one voice to a larger audience.

Be one with your consumer. Not so easy, is it? You have to gain insight into how your consumer thinks, feels and acts. We use innovative research, from field research that literally puts us in the customer’s shoes to more quantitative research like phone and Internet surveys. Your research tools will depend on the project scope, budget and objectives. The more you talk to your customers, the better you are at speaking their language.

The avenues for companies and customers to engage in conversation are exploding. As a company, where do you begin? We believe it’s important to understand your company’s culture and how it relates to your internal/external audiences. Only then can we look at the new media tools available and decide which best fit your goals and objectives.

If you’re the market leader, you have to evangelize your position. Many CEOs speak at industry conferences. Some have their own blogs. A leadership position demands that you communicate to shareholders and stockholders. Your messaging and brand personality must be consistent with your position. We seek out the best ways to accomplish that.

Most customers would welcome an update in look. Consider Coca-Cola. Founded in 1892, the company has updated its look throughout the decades to be current with the times. The key is to do the necessary legwork such as research, testing and proactive communications to present a seamless, integrated look befitting your company’s image and welcomed by the customer base.

Your current message may not be striking a nerve with your target audience. Our strategy is to get closer to your customers to find their emotional triggers. We study media habits for better ways to target. And, of course, much more. Why? Because from research comes insights that translate into big ideas and compelling messages.

With limited resources, not to mention limited shelf space, consumer brands need to establish a look and feel that is uniquely theirs – and then use it religiously. We start by mapping out the retail possibilities for a brand, and then work toward a solution that will transition seamlessly from one environment to another. Some people call us the brand police. Honestly, we’re fine with that.

Create a compelling event by focusing on a sincere commitment to a meaningful cause, unique and creative activities, and clear communications about what is happening, and why. Include relevant influencers, lots of messaging, and follow-through that shows you keep your promises and believe in your cause.

Understanding exactly how your sales force and customers use the tools you provide is key. Research, review, ride along, whatever you need to do to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what actually happens to a sales tool after your customers get their hands on it. Don’t be afraid to simplify, reorganize, and shake things up. Just be sure you’re doing it for a user-centric reason.

It’s no secret that the world is an incredibly busy place, with media screaming messages at consumers from every direction. If your story is complicated or technical, a clear voice is more important than ever. Consider using pictures more and cut down on unnecessary text. Keep things clean and simple. Be direct, authentic, and relevant. Communicate.