The Saint Cecilia Window (1902)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: Hannah Frances “Fannie” Blish Robinson Horton (1835–1901)

GIVEN BY: Her husband, James Clark Horton (1837–1907)

DESIGNED BY: Thomas John Bowyer Pain (1849–1936)

FABRICATED BY: Campbell Glass and Paint Company, Kansas City, Missouri

INSTALLED: March 1902

DEDICATED: March 30, 1902


  • The Gothic arch surrounding the window symbolizes heavenly aspiration and spiritual growth.
  • This window illustrates Psalm 150:4, “Praise Him with stringed instruments and organ,” and shows Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, at an organ.
  • Saint Cecilia wears blue, reminiscent of the traditional clothing of the Virgin Mary, and therefore symbolic of virginity. Traces of red in her clothing symbolize divine love.
  • The choice of Saint Cecilia shown with a young angel stems from Fannie Horton’s long career teaching music and her great love for children.

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