The Resurrection Window (1930)

Quick Facts

MEMORIAL TO: Rosalie Elvira Barlow Cook (1838–1887)

GIVEN BY: Her husband, John Darwin Shepard Cook (1834–1909)

DESIGNED BY: James Humphries Hogan, R.D.I. (1883–1948)

FABRICATED BY: James Powell & Sons (Whitefriars), Ltd, London, England

INSTALLED: July 1930

DEDICATED: October 26, 1930


  • Christ is stepping out from the tomb in green, symbolizing life. His tri-radiant halo identifies Him as a member of the Trinity.
  • He carries the Easter banner on a cruciform standard, symbolic of His death on the cross.
  • Radiance around the nail wounds in His hands and feet depict His suffering.
  • The two angels wear red, symbolizing divine love.
  • At the bottom of the window, Matthew 28:6 is inscribed: “For He is risen, as He said.”

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