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Have you been paying attention to your website analytics? Some clients come to us for consulting when they’re unsure about website traffic. We typically start with a look at their analytics, which typically reveal a drop in traffic.

To seek at least one quick answer about your website’s lower-than-desired traffic, test one of the page URLs through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If it doesn’t pass, it may not appear in mobile search results on Google. So, how is your audience finding you?

It’s been more than three years since Google announced a mobile-friendly update to improve user experience. With Google’s “mobile-first indexing,” it predominantly references mobile versions of websites to rank them in search results. This replaced a system that primarily indexed desktop versions of page content.*

In this case, you should consider Google one of your primary audiences — if not your most important — because it is your link to customers and prospects.

To keep you climbing for the top, Google provides a basic Q&A to outline steps for ensuring websites can be found by its “crawlers.” Some of these tactics include utilizing Google My Business and improving your visibility on search engines (with SEO).

Google wants to be the most trusted and useful search engine, so it looks to generate top quality results. Even with a mobile-friendly site, you can still enhance your content by ensuring it is:

1. High quality. Content relates to user queries and is spam-free.
2. Quick to load. A site’s speed affects its ranking in Google Search.

Read more tips for mobile design in our post, 3 ways your mobile-unfriendly site may be stunting your growth.

Truly, the task list adds up when you look at all it takes to optimize your site and make it easier for prospects to find you. At The Creative Department, developing responsive websites is one of our strengths; and we like doing it! Get in touch with us — we’d love to help you improve your site and increase traffic. Tap into our knowledge and expertise, and let’s accomplish your business goals.

*Note: Google evaluates each web page rather than an entire site.

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