Académie Lafayette Branding

School solidifies its identity

An inconsistent look

Académie Lafayette, a public charter language immersion school in Kansas City, had never possessed a true identity or brand. Rather, the administration had made do with a series of logos, photos, type styles, and colors that changed constantly, depending on the staff who used them and volunteers who produced them.

Académie Lafayette Branding Logo Design

Solving the identity crisis

TCD not only produced a new logo for the school, but shored up its brand and image, provided firm guidelines for usage, and guided the school through the process with a broad range of audiences and stakeholders.

A united brand

Following a thorough discovery process, four logo concepts were presented and one chosen. The final logo represents the global diversity symbolized by the mark, the childlike style of the globe illustration, and the simple design that made the logo look more international than other options. We then produced basic usage guidelines and a complete paper system.

Académie Lafayette Paper System Design
Académie Lafayette Brand Guide
Académie Lafayette Apparel Design

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