Clearwave Fiber Integrated Branding

Our work with Clearwave Fiber, a regional Fiber Internet provider, started with a logo refresh and microsite. Our partnership has since grown to encompass integrated branding campaigns including a brand guide, environmental graphics, vehicles, and a greatly expanded site serving a variety of residential and commercial audiences.

Integrated Branding
Brand Identity
Website Design

Clearewave Fiber logo
Clearewave Fiber icon

The Clearwave Fiber logo contains a “Fiber C” letter mark that represents the delivery of communications through fiber optic lines. The gradient blur represents speed, the circular shape represents continuous communication. The letter C is a reminder of the brand name. The three red dots represent the data running through our fiber optic lines.

Clearewave Fiber logo anatomy
Clearewave Fiber logo — cyan, red, and black on white
Clearewave Fiber logo — cyan, red, and white on black
Clearewave Fiber logo — white, red, and black on cyan
Clearewave Fiber color palette
Clearewave Fiber icon — cyan and red on white
Clearewave Fiber icon — white on cyan
Clearewave Fiber icon — cyan and red on dark gray
Clearewave Fiber icon — cyan on white
Clearewave Fiber icon collection

We take your Internet experience seriously.

We’re dedicated to delivering the finest technology, installed and serviced by folks who live and work in your community, at a straightforward, no-surprises price.

We won’t settle for less. You shouldn’t either.

Clearewave Fiber website photography — family watching TV in living room
Clearewave Fiber website photography — young boy doing schoolwork on laptop
Clearewave Fiber website photography — woman holding virtual meeting on tablet
Clearewave Fiber website photography — two people playing video games with high speed internet connection
Clearewave Fiber website desktop view — referral program page
desktop stand
Clearewave Fiber website mobile view — home page
Clearwave Fiber blog page on mobile
Clearewave Fiber website mobile view — Savannah, Georgia city info page
Clearewave Fiber business truck with side decals
Clearewave Fiber business van with side decals
Clearwave Fiber office mockup