November, 2018



“Thank you, fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I am bad at sports.”
— Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show

We thought we’d take a tip from Jimmy Fallon and share some of our thank-yous.

Thank you 10 times over

  • Thank you, Rico’s Tacos Lupe, for satisfying our taco and burrito cravings every week. For very few pesos.
  • Thank you, Thanksgiving dinners, for voiding our already-fragile winter diets.
  • Thank you, elastic waistbands, for giving us a reason to say, “Well, I guess another bite won’t hurt.”
  • Thank you, fall, for coloring our trees and giving us cause to pull out our flannels.
  • Thank you, coffee, for your life-giving powers.
  • Thank you, Sunday/Monday night football, for a chance to cheer on our Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Thank you, Stockyards Brewery, for always providing a good beer and allowing us to say, “Yeah, we work in a brewery.”
  • Thank you, Livestock Exchange security crew, for taking care of us and our building.
  • Thank you, first responders, for answering the calls for our community, and a special shout out to Chase Uber, Laura’s firefighter/paramedic husband.
  • Thank you, The Creative Department, for being an upstanding place to work with an enthusiastic, innovative team.

And one last thanks

Thank you, to our loyal clients, for your business over the years. And thank you, to our new clients, for trusting us to learn and boost your business communications.

Sincerely, The Creative Department

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Posted on: November 20th, 2018 by Laura Uber

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